Need to lodge a Contents Insurance claim?

Here’s some quick info to help understand the next steps...

Before lodging your claim, there’s some information you can gather for us.

What we’ll need

  • Details to identify your policy (the policy number, policyholder, contact details)
  • Details of the incident and damage (what happened, when & where the damage occurred)
  • Photos that you have of the damage or loss
  • A police report (where the claim relates to theft or malicious damage)

Understand your cover

  • You can check the details of your cover on your Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) also outlines what we do and do not cover under our contents policy

Let’s lodge your claim

  • You can start this online. Once you’ve lodged your claim, a claims specialist from Chubb will get in touch with you to discuss what the next steps are, request any further information required and confirm the details of your claim.

Your claim is lodged

  • Once Chubb has all the required supporting documents, their dedicated claims team will work to determine your claim.
  • Chubb will set clear timeframes with you and update you along the way.

Cover with a difference

Already started your claim?

Need to get an update or discuss the outcome of your existing claim?

Emergency Assistance

If your home is unliveable due to a claim covered by the policy, please call Chubb on 1800 952 357.

If you need immediate medical or similar emergency assistance, please call 000 or the SES on 132 500.

Contents claims FAQs

You can lodge your claim though the Qikio website here .

You’ll be asked to provide:

  1. Information about your policy & the event that has occurred. Like what has happened, when & where.
  2. Any images of the damage that has occurred.
  3. Police reports where the claim relates to theft or malicious damage.

Once you’ve submitted the details of your claim, Chubb’s claims team will be in touch with you to provide a claim number, request additional information (where needed) and talk to you about next steps with your claim.

You can locate your policy number on your Certificate of Insurance.

Whilst this is handy for Chubb to have, you don’t need your policy number to start your claim. You can lodge your claim online , provide information about the event that has occurred and then one of Chubb’s claims specialists will get in touch with you to help locate your policy number.

The amount you’re insured for, and your excess is outlined on your Certificate of Insurance.

The other terms,limits, conditions and exclusions that apply are specified in the Qikio Contents Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

You can find information about cover within these documents, or contact Chubb if you need to discuss your cover in more detail.

Ultimately, Chubb review each claim based on the circumstances and information provided and will let you know whether your policy covers the claim you’ve made.

Your excess is the amount you pay toward the cost of your claim for each incident covered by your policy.

Your excess is shown on your certificate of insurance and applies to all claims unless the PDS states otherwise.

You can be asked to contribute this cost upfront, or it can be deducted from an amount that Chubb pay you.

An Unoccupied Excess will also apply if at the time of the incident covered by your policy, your home has been unoccupied for more than 60 continuous days.

Chubb asks that you notify them as soon as practicably possible after loss or damage occurs. In some cases, Chubb might also ask you to notify the police or similar authority.

Chubb can only accept responsibility for repairs or payment to third parties under a claim where you have told them about it beforehand and Chubb has accepted your claim.

In some circumstances, Chubb will ask you for proof of ownership or proof of purchase to confirm the replacement value of your items that you’re claiming on.

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