Need to lodge a Car Insurance claim?

You should advise Adica as soon as you reasonably can if

an Accident occurs which is likely to result in a claim or the Insured Vehicle is involved in an incident which results in loss or damage to someone else’s property

Secure the vehicle

  • Do whatever you reasonably can to safely secure the insured vehicle and any other items of your property which were involved in the accident.

Notify the police

  • Notify the police or other relevant authorities if necessary. You should advise the police immediately when required by law or if the insured vehicle has been stolen or maliciously damaged. You must keep a record of any police report you make as we will require a copy of the report to process your claim.

Collect details

  • Collect the details of all people and vehicles involved in the accident, including any witnesses. The following details are important when lodging your claim:
    • full names, phone numbers and residential addresses of all persons involved
    • registration numbers of all vehicles involved
    • insurance company details of all drivers involved
    • photos of all damaged vehicles and property (whether belonging to You or someone else)

Let’s lodge your claim

  • Contact Adica on 1300 459 346 or at They will assist you with advice about anything else you should do at the accident scene, record any helpful information you are able to share, and explain the claims process to you.

Provide to Adica

  • Details to identify your policy (the policy number, policyholder, contact details)
  • Details of the incident and damage (what happened, when & where the damage occurred)
  • Photos that you have of the damage or loss
  • A police report (where the claim relates to theft or malicious damage)

Understand your cover

Already started your claim?

Need to get an update or discuss the outcome of your existing claim?
Need to get an update or discuss the outcome of your existing claim?

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